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Choose the topic you want to learn more about

Learning is simple

The topics are related to a particular professional field and new topics will be added over the time.
Continuous Learning
QuizSkill is simply one more tool on your continuous learning path.
Keep QuizSkill app on your device, we will enrich it with new features and new knowledge pills.
It is possible to take a quiz multiple times, however all further attempts will be useful to consolidate your skills and they won’t change the your scores in order to climb the leaderboard and to get the achievements.
Missing your favorite topic?
Send us an email, we will immediately start the process of selection of the best quizzes about your favourite subject.

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Consider quiz as a small exam

Take on a quiz

Quiz is a kind of formative assessment and in QuizSkill you can find, for each topic, a growing number of quizzes.
Ten questions in three minutes
The quiz is designed to enhance your knowledge in a specific area and to be used at any time. A small pill to knowledge to strengthen your skills.

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Learn by playing

Analyze your progress

When you take a quiz for the first time the result will determine your score and will be stored within the QuizSkill, as your points tally grows, you will be rewarded with medals or consolation prizes and your progress with badges.
In addition, for each topic QuizSkill will suggest you the available resources on iTunes and iBooks Store.


QuizSkill has just been born. Despite that, it is a project designed to grow and to fit into a larger product. If you're curious and you think you can contribute to the project, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Francesco Sinopoli
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Francesco Sinopoli

Digital Craftsman

QuizSkill is written in Objective-C and integrated with QuizAble API, a quiz management platform, created with QuizSkill but designed to serve different apps, written in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. The whole system involves platforms as Heroku and Parse to provide scalability and reliability.